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IBFD Certificate in GCC VAT

The IBFD Certificate in GCC VAT is a comprehensive Certificate programme designed to elucidate the principles and practical implications of the introduction of value added tax in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) states.

Irrespective of your educational background or work experience, the Certificate will enable you to:
  • Conceptually understand the role, importance, modus operandi and impact of GCC VAT, as well as the potential controversies and risks arising from it.
  • Interpret the GCC framework system and the domestic law requirements to develop practical solutions within your own environment.
Why follow the IBFD Certificate in GCC VAT?
  • Navigate the particularly complex VAT framework being put in place in the GCC. Since the process combines a regional legislative framework with domestic implementation, practitioners need to understand how GCC VAT works, to whom it applies, how to comply with the administrative obligations related to it and how to mitigate any risks deriving from the implementation of GCC VAT.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive, cost-effective and time-efficient training format thanks to the combination of (i) the online course, (ii) live classroom training and (iii) interactive webinars.
  • Go through a gradual, three-phase approach: the three components of the programme gradually introduce practitioners into the VAT world and ensure that they leave with the VAT skills that are essential for their daily work.
  • Leave the training with the practical skills you’ll need:
    • Figure out whether your company will be affected by VAT: learn which transactions will and which will not be covered by the new VAT, whether your company should register for VAT and how this can be done
    • Find out how VAT should be reported and by whom, how to set-up a VAT management/reporting system, how this will affect the accounting, management and legal systems within a firm, how you should invoice clients and whether you can deduct input VAT.
    • Become familiar with the possible consequences of non-compliance and the implications for your cash position and export and import situations.
  • Receive supplementary documentation and reading materials.
  • Participate in interactive group discussions and case studies.

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Government officials module
For government officials, an extra 2-day live classroom module is available in addition to the three components mentioned above. This module is tailored for governments specifically and should be followed in combination with the other components of the Certificate programme. Contact us for more information, or download the programme for this government module.

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